This is some experiment used for debugging.

It was planned to be used for collecting and inspecting training data for gesture recognition but is far from being usable.

In this version it can only show the current angle of each finger to the blue plane/the arm for a single hand.

StatusOn hold


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Your work is very similar to mine, Gesturio (also you can find wiki info and stand alone library)

Only finger angles is not enough for a good recognition, you also need palm normal, palm dirrection, angles between fingers. In my work, i used 23 degrees of freedom.

I hope you can find more better recognition method them mine. Good luck!

thank you, i took a look at your projects wiki and it seems interesting.

if i find more time and continue collecting the data (btw i really like the term degree of freedom, non native speaker here and it describes perfectly what data im trying to get) ill use your approach as reference